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  • Care by Design
  • Triple AIM
  • Design Thinking
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What we do

We create and improve digital products and services for Healthcare..

Healthcare has always had challenges using technology to create better experiences for employees and patients. But it’s right in the middle of a major shift. This shift has a big impact on collaborations between healthcare industries, the workflow of medical specialists and healthcare workers, and the quality of care. Draft Design’s focus is on working together with companies to create digital products or services that help their customers and users have positive and constructive experiences.

.. and for the public sector

Draft Design has a significant client base in the public sector, mainly working with the dutch tax agency and municipalities in The Netherlands. We believe it’s important that people are able to be as self-sustaining as they can, or want to be. As UX designers we combine business and user needs in these sectors to create as much of a win-win situation as possible.

The Power of UX in eHealth applications!

Read here how we use User Centered Design techniques to design accessible, user-friendly and future-proof applications that bring together the needs of patients and the healthcare sector.

UX in eHealth - NL


UX in eHealth - EN

Our work

Great companies we have worked with

The team

Draft Design is an Amsterdam based User Experience bureau founded by Rosanne, Anna and Lizzy. With all the founders combined Draft Design offers more than 15 years of experience in the design of digital products and services


Want to know more?

We’re currently mostly focused on the healthcare industry and public sector, but our designers are experienced in other fields as well, and are always up for a new UX challenge.

So feel free to get in touch to discuss your next UX or design project.

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Cronos Amsterdam Collaboration

Draft Design is part of Cronos Amsterdam, a quickly growing group of creative and innovative tech companies on IJburg. Want to know more? Check out the website!

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